Start a Business with Marketing on Instagram



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Start a Business with Marketing on Instagram

Start a Business with Marketing on Instagram – Nowadays, the use of social media is not just for posting photos or videos. Social media is also used to sell business products that we have. One of the most influential social media on the sale of a business’s products is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the social media that has a big and important influence in a business. Until now, Instagram already has 700 million users and every day about 60 million photos are shared and can give 1.6 billion likes.

Instagram is the most popular application for sharing photos and videos. This is one of the reasons why Instagram has various benefits for business people to build and develop a business brand.

Maybe many of you are wondering, how to use Instagram to support your business. Well, in this article, we will cover all about Instagram for business.

But before you start marketing your business through Instagram, it’s a good idea to read about how to create a business Instagram account.

1. Optimize Your Username and Bio

To make your account easy to find, your Instagram username should be the same as your username on your other business social media profiles.

In addition to your username, the information that appears on your public profile is your website (a column for the URL, which you can use to promote new campaigns or content on your website) and a short bio.

Use your bio to explain what your business is and what people can expect from your Instagram account. You can also include some branded hashtags that your followers might use.

What are branded hashtags? Branded hashtags is a hashtag that you can use for promotional activities, product launching, contests or quizzes, and events.

With branded hashtags, people can simply search for and follow those hashtags to know all about your business.

One brand that has successfully used branded hashtags is South by Southwest. Since 2007, all Twitter users can type #SXSW into the search box and they can immediately see what people are tweeting about the event.

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2. Use Attractive Instagram Profile Photos

A business Instagram profile photo is usually your company logo. As with usernames, using the same profile photo on all your social media profiles will help people recognize your brand.

Keep in mind that your Instagram profile photo has a circular format, so make sure first that your picture looks good in that format.

Instagram recommends a diameter of 110 pixels for your images. But, just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to use larger images as they will also get bigger when opened on the desktop.

3. Follow other Instagram accounts in the same industry

To get started, you should first follow other Instagram accounts. You can follow other businesses related to your business or find influencers in your industry. You can also follow other accounts that are relevant to your business.

Instagram’s demographic is very broad, so make sure you know what kind of audience you want to target. You can leverage hashtags in your industry to strengthen your presence on Instagram.

You can also leave comments on photos of other accounts and follow people who are participating in conversations on various accounts. This is one of the steps that can help you grow your Instagram following quickly.

Don’t forget to also promote your Instagram username on your website and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media



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Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media – In carrying out an activity, even a business, there will definitely be errors and even omissions that occur. Social media is one of the tools to attract consumers, especially for online businesses. If you want to jump into the field of online business then you must be familiar with this one marketing method. However, along with changes in consumer behavior, marketing through social media must also adapt to current conditions. And as a result, not infrequently many business people make mistakes in running social media marketing.

The following are some mistakes that are often made by online business people in social media marketing:

Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media

1. Social media marketing without a plan
Along with the increase in the number of internet users today, the number of people who try their luck in buying and selling online is also increasing. But unfortunately most of them do not adapt to the existing marketing rules in the online world, so the marketing method is just selling and very conventional.

To market a product by utilizing social media requires a good plan, technique and execution. But what is happening now is that some online business people just join in without understanding the actual characteristics of social media.
So what you have to do is analyze the consumer behavior of your target market, understand the rules and techniques of social media marketing. So that later what you do is not in vain and does not seem to follow along. Of course this is an important point if your business wants to be seen as a credible business, isn’t it.

2. Unclear targets and goals
In any business a target and goals are the main elements, as well as in the marketing of a business. And in social media marketing, your target is a specific, concrete achievement.

For example, how many followers you have, how many people like your brand, that is one of the targets that you must achieve. Then goals in marketing are very important, how can you achieve certain targets if you don’t have a basic goal. For this reason, once again we emphasize to understand the characteristics of social media marketing.

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3. Lack of materials
This third error we find very much, maybe without realizing it you also feel this every time you open your social media applications. There are so many online sellers who indoctrinate their followers with their product materials, of course we will not be comfortable and decide to unfollow or unlike. This will also happen to our business if we do the same thing, that’s why mastering the rules of social media marketing is very important.

Try to create material that can educate your followers. Make a positive contribution to them, don’t just overwhelm them with promotions and your products. Create a schedule for posting product materials to make it more effective.

4. Communication is only one way
Basically social media is a medium for interacting or communicating between humans, so that’s why understand the function of social media. Create content that can build communication or interaction, not just one-way communication. Know your social media role as online marketing, so two-way communication is very good for the development of the social media accounts that you manage.
If you use a Twitter account, you can write tweets or other educational content, or you can also write humorous posts to make your account more memorable. So the point of this point is that building communication between your followers is very important. Try to build good interactions, that is one step in your approach to potential customers.

E-commerce Business Marketing Tips



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E-commerce Business Marketing Tips – In doing business, we will definitely try our best to be able to improve our business performance. There are many things to learn, especially in developing an E-commerce business. Here are some tips

E-commerce Business Marketing Tips

1. Treat Customers Like Influencers
Product promotion through influencers is still an option. In recent years, influencers have become very popular for promoting products as well as spending a lot of money.
Now we can find the right agency to provide more comprehensive information before you end up spending money on promotions.

However, just to note, consumers are getting tired of seeing the same content that influencers have done in recent years.
To get around this, some marketers reduce collaboration with influencers, such as artists. They started to build partnerships with micro influencers with 10,000 followers or even less than 5,000.

Micro influencers are considered to be more able to reach e-commerce consumers specifically in small communities. When it comes to micro-influencers, it’s a matter of quality, not quantity.

2. Always Innovate New Content
The easiest way to keep content fresh is to see it from the other person’s point of view. Some content can be presented in articles, podcasts, or images with the best quotes.
However, look at the habits of customers in consuming content throughout the day. Next, find out how to maximize content in the daily life of potential customers.

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3. Create Content from Customer Reviews
Sometimes creating product content that connects with customers is not easy. Therefore it is very important to try to convey the message in different channels such as e-mail or social media.
One way to create content that connects with customers is by paying attention to what they are doing and listening to what they have to say about our products.

It’s that simple. Maybe you don’t realize it, customer reviews about our e-commerce products are something that is very valuable.
By creating content based on customer reviews via e-mail and social media, of course this will really connect with potential customers.

Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing



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Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing

Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, the following are articles that discuss things that must be known before starting digital marketing.

Head of Business Development for the Platform, Grady Esmond, revealed that the prospects for digital marketing or digital marketing will be even greater. This can be seen from the many digital platforms that can be used as opportunities to be able to do business and market products online.

“It can be said that the prospects for the future are very big, people are increasingly familiar with digital ads, and this is a huge potential, surely people will use digital platforms because there is a huge market,” he said at the event “How to Monotize Revenue Through Digital. Media Tech “at Pondok Indah Office Tower, Jakarta, Monday (24/2).

1. Three things become a reference for being a digital marketer

Entering the digital era requires every company or other business actor to enter the digital market. On the same occasion, ToffeeDev Founder & CEO, Ryan Kristomuljono said that there are three things that are very necessary for a digital marketer.

The first is traffic, which is how to bring in visitors. Second, conversation, which is to conduct discussions and turn visitors into customers, while the last one is engagement, which is to establish a relationship or collaboration with the customer.

2. Challenges as a digital marketing agent

Ryan also considered that the challenge as a digital marketer is having to know the market position. Because, currently there are many startups that build businesses with different markets and targets.

“We have to understand the market position so that we can adjust the existing market by looking at the potential of the digital market available,” he said.

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3. Strategies for business people

Grady said that special education is needed for influencers or other business people who want to enter the world of the digital market. It is important to understand the limits or steps that must be taken to start a digital business.

“We need to educate influencers, there are some things that need to be highlighted from the professional side, such as understanding the limitations of digital business, addressing the briefs from clients, how to take steps, and how to deliver our content to hit the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryan revealed that there are no special schools that teach about marketing through the digital world. But he did mention a number of paths that could be taken by those wishing to explore this subject.

“There is no formal education, so yes through an agency that already understands marketing online so they can help their businesses online, what is clear is education, through seminars, or other events that lead to digital business like this. , “he said.

Steps to Start an Online Shop Business



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Steps to Start an Online Shop Business

Steps to Start an Online Shop Business – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss the steps to starting an online business for beginners.

Determine Your Online Shop Business Sales Platform

7 Money Saving Tips When Buying Office Equipment – 5 Effective Ways to Start Your Online Shop Business

We recommend that you determine what platforms you will use to promote your business. That way you can formulate the right strategy for your product.

Do not let you sell on a platform that is not suitable for target buyers. And make sure the platform can make it easier for your buyers.

For example, if you sell electronic goods that cost up to millions of rupiah, you can choose a platform that already provides a purchase system on credit.

Attractive Photos of Your Products

Since you are selling your product online, it’s a good idea to make your product photos as attractive as possible. This is done in order to attract buyers.

Before creating product photos, you can look for sample product photos that you think are suitable to attract buyers. There’s nothing wrong with copying the concept of the photo, but don’t forget you have to focus the photo on your product.
Give Promotions in the Form of Rewards

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Online Shop Business

Who is not interested in discounted prices, or with a buy one get one free promotion. That way, of course, will attract buyers, at least they will see your product, know about your brand.

There are some people who can’t help but see or hear about discounts.
Pay attention to the quality of your product

Become an inspiring problem solving manager – 5 Effective Ways to Start Your Online

Shop Business

Online selling means that buyers can only see your product from the photos and from the information you provide about the product. So, you must maintain customer trust by

paying attention to the quality of the products you sell.

Remember, that attracting customers is not only from your platform, it can be word of mouth. When the product you offer is good and does not disappoint buyers, then allow your buyers to tell their colleagues to buy the product you are selling.

Also, when the goods arrive at the buyer’s hands are not suitable. So, it could be that the name of your brand will be tarnished and this can harm you.

So, those are some tips that you can run when you decide to open an online shop business which is now very popular among business people.

When your business has been running for 2 years and needs additional funds to expand the business, you can try to borrow on a platform that uses a peer-to-peer lending system. Like KoinWorks, you can get capital starting from IDR 10 million to IDR 2 billion. The flowers are affordable, starting from 0.75% to 1.67% flat per month.

That’s 5 effective ways to start your online shop business. Good luck!

Tips for Starting a Startup Business For Beginners Strengthen Your Intention



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Tips for Starting a Startup Business For Beginners Strengthen Your Intention

Tips for Starting a Startup Business For Beginners Strengthen Your Intention – Currently the startup business is an opportunity for new businessmen and for teenagers who want to find additional money. This business is perfect for all of you who want to increase your pocket money.

Yes, this is commonplace for any type of business. How do you want to run a business if the intention is not 100% full. Therefore, when you are going to start a startup business, make sure you have your intention. From this intention, the seriousness and hopes and dreams of the future will be born. A strong intention will also make your emotions stable when you face certain problems. Sometimes, you just need to remember your intentions when things go wrong.

Create a Business Plan

There can be no running business without a plan. If someone says you can start a business without a plan, just make sure he’s lying. Plans aren’t just what you write on paper with lots of pictures and scribbles. When you think about something about your business, you may well be planning it. Plans don’t have to be extravagant. Pay attention to this, just a simple or simple plan where you can run it optimally. This will be more successful than making grandiose plans but you can not implement them.
Make sure the product is needed by many people

This is also an important step when you are starting a startup business. Do not let after making careful planning about marketing and others, you forget that the product you offer is not in demand by the market. Indeed, unique and creative ideas can generate many markets. But, keep in mind that not always something unique and creative will get a good response from customers. Just think of products that are liked by the market and various circles

Find a Work Partner

The adage says, if one head can generate 10 fresh ideas, imagine if there are 10 heads, then 100 fresh ideas will be born. Certainly, when the contents of that head all work. This means that you need a team that is solid and understands both your feelings and thoughts. A team that has the same ideas and always fits in is not necessarily the team you are looking for. When your team always offers the same thing, it’s the same thing that doesn’t work. Look for partners or work teams who can come up with fresh and different or varied ideas.

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Don’t be easily satisfied

Granted, success achieved in such a short time will easily satisfy you. Watch Out! when you feel satisfied, then you want to keep it. As a result, you will worry too much when there are new ideas. This means that you will stop innovating because you are satisfied with what you have. This is dangerous. Innovation is always needed because the target market is always developing too.

Those are some tips you can do to start a startup business. If you ask, what about capital? Capital is important, but what is called capital does not have to be money. Now, many prospective entrepreneurs want to use instant loan capital to start their business. The decision is yours whether to start with instant capital or work even harder to raise capital. Remember, capital in the form of money is indeed important, but capital in the form of abilities or skills, networks and so on are also important.