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Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing



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Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing

Mandatory Knowledge Before Starting Digital Marketing – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, the following are articles that discuss things that must be known before starting digital marketing.

Head of Business Development for the allstars.id Platform, Grady Esmond, revealed that the prospects for digital marketing or digital marketing will be even greater. This can be seen from the many digital platforms that can be used as opportunities to be able to do business and market products online.

“It can be said that the prospects for the future are very big, people are increasingly familiar with digital ads, and this is a huge potential, surely people will use digital platforms because there is a huge market,” he said at the event “How to Monotize Revenue Through Digital. Media Tech “at Pondok Indah Office Tower, Jakarta, Monday (24/2).

1. Three things become a reference for being a digital marketer

Entering the digital era requires every company or other business actor to enter the digital market. On the same occasion, ToffeeDev Founder & CEO, Ryan Kristomuljono said that there are three things that are very necessary for a digital marketer.

The first is traffic, which is how to bring in visitors. Second, conversation, which is to conduct discussions and turn visitors into customers, while the last one is engagement, which is to establish a relationship or collaboration with the customer.

2. Challenges as a digital marketing agent

Ryan also considered that the challenge as a digital marketer is having to know the market position. Because, currently there are many startups that build businesses with different markets and targets.

“We have to understand the market position so that we can adjust the existing market by looking at the potential of the digital market available,” he said.

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3. Strategies for business people

Grady said that special education is needed for influencers or other business people who want to enter the world of the digital market. It is important to understand the limits or steps that must be taken to start a digital business.

“We need to educate influencers, there are some things that need to be highlighted from the professional side, such as understanding the limitations of digital business, addressing the briefs from clients, how to take steps, and how to deliver our content to hit the market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryan revealed that there are no special schools that teach about marketing through the digital world. But he did mention a number of paths that could be taken by those wishing to explore this subject.

“There is no formal education, so yes through an agency that already understands marketing online so they can help their businesses online, what is clear is education, through seminars, or other events that lead to digital business like this. , “he said.