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Tips to be the Best Hotel Marketing


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Tips to be the Best Hotel Marketing – In order to get many customers, we will definitely do marketing to many people. So what can struggling hoteliers do? How do you make sure people can find your hotel easily, and then become repeat customers every time of their vacation? Don’t be afraid, we will give you successful tips for doing the best hotel marketing strategy.

Tips to be the Best Hotel Marketing

1. Easy to find online

You need to remember, technology has taken over. The era of travel agents will pass. Today’s travelers are empowered to do their own comparative research without leaving their bed.

So if your hotel isn’t easy to find online, it’s no wonder your bookings are few and far between. You have to “be” everywhere online but still relevant to get potential bookings so people can easily find you when they need it

Most travelers or 75%, Start by using search engines to find places to stay, so SEO is important to you. Use popular hotel keywords in your site copy, and make sure your site loads very fast.

2. Do Remarketing

Did you know that the abandonment rate for online hotel bookings is 75%?! That’s right, three out of four people start the ordering process, rethink and just leave their order.

Who knows if why they are rethinking their order, might just get a better offer elsewhere. Whatever the reason, this doesn’t mean you should give up on it.

Remarketing or remarketing is an important component of a hotel’s marketing strategy due to the fact that travelers don’t just rethink certain things (like a pop-up phone notification or a crying baby), but by the fact that there are hundreds of other options they can choose from.

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3. Make Sure You’re Targeting The Right Audience

What type of hotel do you market, and who is your target market? There needs to be a different strategy for hotel owners in the Puncak area compared to the Ritz Carlton in the Sudirman area, this is clearly different.

These people book differently, travel differently, and have different budgets. That’s why a tool like revenue targeting will come in handy. While this may seem obvious, there are further ways to divide your audience when it comes to marketing your hotel.

Many hotels have a variety of customers with different income levels, as they may offer rooms on the more luxurious side (such as presidential suites) and other rooms that are often sold at a discount.

4. Allocate More Marketing Budget During High Times

If you own a hotel in the prime area of ​​Bogor, the busy booking season may be during school holidays. As a hotelier, you are most likely fully aware of when the booking season is peaking.

But have you thought about advertising budgeting? It makes more sense to spend more of your annual budget at your busiest time.