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Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media



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Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media – In carrying out an activity, even a business, there will definitely be errors and even omissions that occur. Social media is one of the tools to attract consumers, especially for online businesses. If you want to jump into the field of online business then you must be familiar with this one marketing method. However, along with changes in consumer behavior, marketing through social media must also adapt to current conditions. And as a result, not infrequently many business people make mistakes in running social media marketing.

The following are some mistakes that are often made by online business people in social media marketing:

Marketing Mistakes in Business Social Media

1. Social media marketing without a plan
Along with the increase in the number of internet users today, the number of people who try their luck in buying and selling online is also increasing. But unfortunately most of them do not adapt to the existing marketing rules in the online world, so the marketing method is just selling and very conventional.

To market a product by utilizing social media requires a good plan, technique and execution. But what is happening now is that some online business people just join in without understanding the actual characteristics of social media.
So what you have to do is analyze the consumer behavior of your target market, understand the rules and techniques of social media marketing. So that later what you do is not in vain and does not seem to follow along. Of course this is an important point if your business wants to be seen as a credible business, isn’t it.

2. Unclear targets and goals
In any business a target and goals are the main elements, as well as in the marketing of a business. And in social media marketing, your target is a specific, concrete achievement.

For example, how many followers you have, how many people like your brand, that is one of the targets that you must achieve. Then goals in marketing are very important, how can you achieve certain targets if you don’t have a basic goal. For this reason, once again we emphasize to understand the characteristics of social media marketing.

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3. Lack of materials
This third error we find very much, maybe without realizing it you also feel this every time you open your social media applications. There are so many online sellers who indoctrinate their followers with their product materials, of course we will not be comfortable and decide to unfollow or unlike. This will also happen to our business if we do the same thing, that’s why mastering the rules of social media marketing is very important.

Try to create material that can educate your followers. Make a positive contribution to them, don’t just overwhelm them with promotions and your products. Create a schedule for posting product materials to make it more effective.

4. Communication is only one way
Basically social media is a medium for interacting or communicating between humans, so that’s why understand the function of social media. Create content that can build communication or interaction, not just one-way communication. Know your social media role as online marketing, so two-way communication is very good for the development of the social media accounts that you manage.
If you use a Twitter account, you can write tweets or other educational content, or you can also write humorous posts to make your account more memorable. So the point of this point is that building communication between your followers is very important. Try to build good interactions, that is one step in your approach to potential customers.