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Steps to Start an Online Shop Business



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Steps to Start an Online Shop Business

Steps to Start an Online Shop Business – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss the steps to starting an online business for beginners.

Determine Your Online Shop Business Sales Platform

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We recommend that you determine what platforms you will use to promote your business. That way you can formulate the right strategy for your product.

Do not let you sell on a platform that is not suitable for target buyers. And make sure the platform can make it easier for your buyers.

For example, if you sell electronic goods that cost up to millions of rupiah, you can choose a platform that already provides a purchase system on credit.

Attractive Photos of Your Products

Since you are selling your product online, it’s a good idea to make your product photos as attractive as possible. This is done in order to attract buyers.

Before creating product photos, you can look for sample product photos that you think are suitable to attract buyers. There’s nothing wrong with copying the concept of the photo, but don’t forget you have to focus the photo on your product.
Give Promotions in the Form of Rewards

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Online Shop Business

Who is not interested in discounted prices, or with a buy one get one free promotion. That way, of course, will attract buyers, at least they will see your product, know about your brand.

There are some people who can’t help but see or hear about discounts.
Pay attention to the quality of your product

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Online selling means that buyers can only see your product from the photos and from the information you provide about the product. So, you must maintain customer trust by

paying attention to the quality of the products you sell.

Remember, that attracting customers is not only from your platform, it can be word of mouth. When the product you offer is good and does not disappoint buyers, then allow your buyers to tell their colleagues to buy the product you are selling.

Also, when the goods arrive at the buyer’s hands are not suitable. So, it could be that the name of your brand will be tarnished and this can harm you.

So, those are some tips that you can run when you decide to open an online shop business which is now very popular among business people.

When your business has been running for 2 years and needs additional funds to expand the business, you can try to borrow on a platform that uses a peer-to-peer lending system. Like KoinWorks, you can get capital starting from IDR 10 million to IDR 2 billion. The flowers are affordable, starting from 0.75% to 1.67% flat per month.

That’s 5 effective ways to start your online shop business. Good luck!