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Tips for Promotion in Marketing that are Easy to Do – In the business world, the promotion of all products sold is very mandatory. Promotion of marketed products is useful for attracting consumers to buy them. Promotion of a product also serves to attract customers. There are still many who do not know how to promote a product properly. The following is the right way to promote a product


Tips for Effective Product Promotion

After knowing the meaning and purpose of promotional activities, the next thing to do is to think about how to make the promotions run effectively.

Promoting is not just about notifying the product, but also attracting attention so that a purchase occurs. Here are some tips that can be followed so that product promotions are carried out effectively.

1. Giving Discount
Who is not interested in discounts or rebates. Discounts or discounts are the most awaited by consumers. The existence of discounts or rebates is the main factor for consumers to take action in the form of purchasing products.

The existence of a promo in the form of a discount or discount is sure to attract the attention of consumers. Even abroad, there is an event held specifically to present promos in the form of discounts. This event is known as the Black Friday event. While in Indonesia there is also a similar moment in the form of National Online Shopping Day.

2. Provide Free Shipping
In addition to providing direct discounts on goods, there are also other strategies, namely in the form of providing free shipping.

Giving free shipping is very suitable for business owners who sell their goods online. And it is proven, that the discount in the form of free shipping is able to attract consumers’ interest in transactions.

This kind of promotion has become very intense since the emergence of online transaction activities. This promotional activity is eagerly awaited by consumers and can be a very effective promotional strategy.

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3. Offer Cashback
Giving Cashback is one form of promotion that can be done. Cashback is an activity to return some money from consumers after making a purchase with a certain nominal value. Although conditional, it turns out that this promotion in the form of cashback is also very effective.

4. Hold a Flash Sale
Another form of product promotion that is also effective is holding a Flash Sale. Flash Sale is a form of sales method in a limited time and very short.

In this flash sale, the items sold are priced at a lower price than during normal times.

Learning from the experience of several shops or businesses that implement promotions like this, this promotional activity is also useful for breaking up consumers so they don’t buy at one time. Flash sale activities are also very effective because many consumers are willing to sacrifice other things for flash sales.

5. Buy 1 Get 1 Free and the Like
When you are walking to a shopping center, you often find this form of promotion, namely buy one free one or the like. This promotion is commonly used in the community and is a very effective way of promotion. Viewed from the consumer’s point of view, this promotion is very fun and attracts interest to buy.